In the production of aluminium pigments, aluminium grit or aluminium foil granulate is milled with white spirit and additives in the Hall process. In this first milling phase the choice of the additives creates on "leafing" or "non-leafing" properties.

The additives define the surface tension and thus the flotation behaviour in the paint.

The milling conditions and the equipping of the ball mills allow products with various fineness and platelet thickness to be produced. After the milling, the resulting milling sludge is sieved and freed from excess white spirit by filter presses, as well as being homogenised and the exact proportion of metal adjusted. Standard aluminium pastes have a metal content of 65 %. Depending on the demands on the product, the fine metal pigments are now dried, polished, de-dusted, stabilized and or pastified.

Benda-Lutz® aluminium pigments are lamellar and display a thickness-to-length ratio of 1:50 up to 1:100.