Benda-Lutz History


1902Ferdinand Lutz Senior founds the company Lutz and Schwarz GmbH in Vienna.
1910Based on the experience of the company Georg Benda (in Nuremberg since 1824), the company Georg Benda Lutz and Schwarz GmbH is founded in Traismauer.
1916Following a major fire and subsequent reconstruction, the company concentrates on the production of bronze and aluminum powders.
1947New reconstruction to 1948 following serious damage during World War II.
1954Benda-Lutz launches production of aluminum paste.
1960Introduction of ball-mill technology.
1980Launch of the revolutionary Benda-Lutz® bonding process as a service to the powder coating industry.
1991Benda-Lutz Skawina is founded in Kraków, Poland.
1995In Independence, Kentucky, the Benda-Lutz Corp. enters the US market.
1998A joint venture with the British company Alpoco is set up in Poland under the name Benda-Lutz Alpoco (PL).
1999A new company structure is inaugurated under the umbrella of Benda-Lutz International Holding.
2001Benda-Lutz Asia is founded in Taiwan.
2003The Benda-Lutz Museum opens in Traismauer.
2004Completely new technologies are implemented with the construction of a fully automated wet milling facility.
2008In Russia, together with the company Valcom-PM Ltd., Benda-Lutz Volzhsky (BLV) is founded.
2010Centenary Benda-Lutz.
2012Forming the basis of a new global Metallics Business Unit as part of Sun Chemicals Performance Pigments Division